Monday 26 December 2016

to make a comeback...

I got overwhelmed, I started drowning from information overload. I thought I had to be something I was pretty sure I could never be and wasn't even sure I wanted to be. I lost sight of why I even started in the first place. 

I got lost in a sea of terminology that made no sense to me... of Facebook 'support' groups and blogging courses that had a mould I wasn't sure I could fit or could be bothered to fit.

I was reading blogs that were of no relevance to me and loosing hours of valuable time doing so. It wasn't that they were boring  they just weren't where my life was out but I was reading them anyway out of a sense of obligation. I was linking up to link ups and feeling overwhelmed with rules and regulations but did so because that was the right thing to do, the 'blogging' thing to do. 

Don't get me wrong it definitely had its benefits. I met some amazing people, some I've even managed to meet in real life and now I call my friends and for that I am grateful.

For a while there I thought that was the life I wanted. I started focusing more on travel blogging, writing articles about my trips, sharing photos, hoping to inspire others. Watching from the sidelines as other travel bloggers were getting fully paid trips from travel companies for exposure, making a living off of travelling and for a while I wished that was me! I wanted to be the one jet-setting off to exotic destinations first class on fully funded trips and really thought (somehow) I could make that happen, but that it would somehow find me. I knew/know it's bloody hard work and not every one who tries makes it and after a while it dawned on me that I was never going to make it, partially because I didn't really know how and didn't have the time to learn while working full time but mostly because I didn't really want to. 

So after some time away I've decided to come back... sort of. I'm going to blog on my terms. When I want, how often I want, about what I want and not get caught up in what I think I should be doing but enjoy what I want to do and hope that some of you out there will also enjoy it! 

So... what have I been doing since I stepped out of the blogging world all those months ago... here's a brief update...

I applied for what I thought was going to be my dream job and was super excited at the prospect of what may lie ahead, but jumped the gun a bit and was bitterly disappointed when I didn't get it.

I signed up for a health and fitness challenge and kind of failed miserably. I felt I gave it my all within the boundaries of my abilities at the time but was not overly happy with my results. I started a new Instagram Profile to share my journey as well as general things from my life as my It's Time one has become more about my travel.. If you want to stalk my life away from my travels you can check out my second Instagram Profile here.

So feeling like I had failed at two things that I thought I wanted so badly, I took up a contract doing my old job, High School Guidance Officer, but at a different school, I felt I needed some certainty and consistency in my life for a while and while it was good to have that it was also the perfect reminder of why I walked away in the first place. 

However, it gave me the chance to save some money and I decided to follow another path I had been poking my head down for some time... if you've been following along on my Instagram or FB page then you'll know that in a whirlwind of events I up and moved to South Korea with about 2 weeks notice! 

I accepted a six month contract teaching English in after school classes and was on a plane before I knew what had happened. And here I am.. still here but almost at the end of my contract and it's almost time for me to hop back on a plane and head home! 

It's been an amazing six months that has given me so much joy. I've explored the beautiful country, met amazing people, had so much fun (and craziness) teaching English in a Korean school, attended all manner of festivals, fallen in love with hiking mountains, eaten foods I never thought I would and had time to reflect on my life, my goals and my dreams! 

So standby as I slowly re-enter the blogging world. Share my travels and whatever else is going on in my crazy world! 

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