Monday 7 March 2016

New York regrets

"Research Things to do in New York"

"Write out your Must do things in NYC list"

 "Plan, plan, plan, you'll need a plan"

These were all great pieces of advice I was given when talking to people about my trip to New York City. And despite listening and taking this advice fully on board, I still have regrets and things I wish I had of done! 

New York, New York..... it amazed me and overwhelmed me at the same time! 

I had put a lot of thought and time into planning what I wanted to see and do and even set out a pretty firm itinerary with the help of many Pinterest searches, blog post readings and advice from a 2 time New York traveller. I had just 5 days and a long list.

What I didn't take into account was the fact that I would be flying in (late, thanks to a big storm in the city which delayed my flight by 3 hours) after a mammoth 8 days in Nashville for CMA Fest!

Whilst I managed to cross of the massive majority of things that I had on my list, and after my day 3 regroup, there were some things, that with the glory that is hindsight, I regret not doing whilst in the Big Apple. 

 Not seeing Grand Central Terminal

It's number 9 on Trip Advisor's Things to do in New York, and I really wanted to get there, but I just didn't. I am not really sure what my excuse is for this one. Perhaps time just was not on my side and I was not in the area, but now, every time I see a photo of it I really regret not getting one of my very own and checking it out in all it's glory!

Not braving the subway earlier

I love walking around cities as opposed to sitting on public transport. My accommodation was only about a 20 minute walk from Times Square and right near Central Park, so I figured it was easier to just walk to where I needed/wanted to be. Eventually, 3 days in I gave in, possibly due to pure exhaustion after so much walking and getting a little lost, I decided to brave the subway. Despite what people say it is not as easy and simple as I anticipated it to be and it really doesn't cover the city as well as other similar public transport systems around the world, but I really do wish I had used it earlier as it may have saved my sanity, and some time, a little. 

Not checking the schedule at Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden
As my tour departed New York from Hotel Pennsylvania I decided to move there the night before to make sure I wasn't rushing the next morning. This hotel was right across the street from Madison Square Garden. The thought never even crossed my mind to check what shows or events might have been playing there during my stay. Sure enough, that night there were people and taxis everywhere! A quick Google search revealed that Billy Joel was playing his record breaking 65th show there, surpassing Elton John in the process. To think I could have been there for that history making show.... instead I grabbed takeaway from the burger joint next door and headed back to my room..... FAIL!

Not walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

I saw it from a boat, I saw it from the top of the observation tower, I rode over it in a bus... but I did not walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and I regret that. There are so many different types of tours you can do that revolve around the bridge, including a free walking tour, a bike riding tour and a historical tour, or you can just visit the park and the bridge yourself and I did none of them and I wish I had. I could have stood on that very spot where Miranda finally forgave Steve in Sex and the City! Another moment lost forever..
Not going to Liberty Island
Zita Hooke blog

I purchased a ticket on one of those open top Big Bus Tours that took me around to the major highlights of the city. It included a cruise around the harbour taking in Brooklyn Bridge and Liberty Island with pretty great views of the Statue of Liberty. The day I chose to use my ticket was a cloudy and gloomy day and while it was still an amazing sight I really wish I had of gone again. And despite people saying that you don't need to go right to the island, I do think it would have been pretty amazing to get up close to the statue and even do a tour of this great attraction.

Have you been to NYC?
Do you have any regrets?
Would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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