Monday 26 October 2015

to fly West... Perth here I come!

I'm sure for regular readers this won't come as much of a surprise but I must confess travelling somewhere new is never far from my mind, both domestically and internationally. And somewhere that has always been pretty high on my list domestically is the capital of the west, Perth.... Actually on my ultimate road trip wish list is flying to Perth hiring a small camper van and driving to Darwin but it's not a trip I am brave enough to do solo and I haven't been able to find someone to join my venture!... Anyway, back to this trip! 

Since being home from my last trip to the U.S. and Canada I had been thinking about where I'd like to venture to next, actually who am I kidding, I was already looking before I left Canada! So when a chat with a travel agent friend of mine turned into looking at flights to Perth and finding some that were at a great price, the travel bug in me couldn't resist and later this week I am taking off again! 

My fascination for visiting Perth has only been strengthened by reading blogs about the most isolated capital city in the world (true story!), in particularly Agent Mystery Case, who makes the city seem so appealing! But rumour has it that there is "nothing to do in Perth" and so I am making it my week long mission to bust this rumour and prove it all kinds of wrong!

Now as soon as I mentioned to Raych aka... Agent Mystery Case, she was on the case hunting down unique and super fun activities and events for us to partake in and I actually timed my visit to coincide with the Event Ready show which looks just fab! (extra confession...I've never actually been to a fashion show and even though I do not consider myself a fashion guru and even though I am super nervous and have no idea what I am going to wear I am also super excited to get a glimpse into this part of the fashion word!).

Two regular calendar events happen while I am in Perth, the first being Halloween, which I am a little puzzled as to why Australia has jumped on this bandwagon but when an invitation popped up to attend the Wolf Lane Halloween Howls event we jumped at the chance ($10 Spiced Pumpkin Daiquiri's! Yes Please!). The second event being that little horse race that happens on the first Tuesday in November! Now working in schools since forever has meant that I have never had the joy of attending a glamorous or even a not so glamorous event so I am looking forward to what Perth has in store for the Melbourne Cup. 

We have a few other events that we will be attending but I don't want to give away all our secrets and plans, you'll have to follow along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what we get up to on our mission to prove there's heaps to do in Perth!!

Having said that though there are a few gaps in the itinerary that I would love to fill with those gaps with suggestions from you! 

Have you been to Perth? 

What's on your must see/do list?

Got a Perth based travel blog you love that I need to know about?

Please share in the comments below!

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**Image Credit... Thanks to Agent Mystery Case for supplying all images for this post, can't wait to see them in real life!!

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