Wednesday 5 August 2015

Where was I Wednesday

So there I was in my hotel room in Toronto attempting to get an early night sleep so I would be all refreshed and rested and looking fabulous as I started a tour the next day and meeting strangers who I am going to spend that next 9 days of my life is daunting hit me.... 

Tuesday night means Wednesday morning in Australia! "Shit, I haven't done my Where am I Wednesday post!"

So for about 5 minutes I flicked between doing a quick dodgy one or forgetting all about it..

I chose the later.

I woke the next morning a little anxious about meeting the rest of my tour group and expecting there to be at least one message/tweet/inbox/stork-carrying-message from someone wondering where I was... *insert cricket noise here * ... Nothing...

It was at that moment that it dawned on me that no one may actually care where I was.

But instead of crawling into my blogging hole and shedding tears, I'm back (for now) to tell you that I am in Canada and have been for a little while now. 

I am currently on a little tour on the Eastern side of Canada, with a tour company called Moose Travel Network and today we have spent most of the day in Ottawa, the nations capital. 

Ottawa Ontario

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I even managed a very quick catch up with my room mate from my Thailand trip earlier in the year! 

My tour ends soon and then I have a few more weeks here in Canada catching up with more friends who have some fun stuff planned for me! 

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