Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Street Art in Melbourne

On my recent trip to Melbourne I was keen to check out some of the amazing street art Melbourne is famous for.

I managed to find 3 of the top 8 lane ways before running out of time. All of these lane ways are easy walking distance around the CBD. 

Caledonian Lane
Zita Hooke It's Time Travel Blog

Zita Hooke. It's Time. Travel Blog

 Union Lane
Zita Hooke. It's Time. Travel Blog

Hosier and Rutledge Lanes
Zita Hooke. It's Time. Travel Blog

The last lanes were definitely my favourite with every inch of wall covered off the little side alleys as well. 

The other amazing thing is that these lane ways are constantly being painted and repainted and painted over by local artists meaning that each time you visit there's more and different murals to be amazed by.

What do you think?
Art or graffiti? 

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