Monday 19 May 2014

to tell the truth

I feel this post has been brewing in me for some time and so I am using this week's I Must Confess to get it off my chest.

It has been prompted by three things that have been shared with me via Social Media these past few weeks. Bullying or Anti bullying is something that is often in the media and rightly so.

The first was actually a post written by my hostess Kirsty at My Home Truths where she wrote a post titled I don't want my kids to be bullies. An honest and hopefully thought provoking post for all parents about not just protecting their own children from bullies but making sure that your own child does not become a bully.

The second was a letter (of sorts) written by a teacher to her students telling them what they really needed to hear. It is such a powerful and honest piece that I found myself nodding along with the whole way.

The third was the clip from Britain's Got Talent where 2 boys sang a song they had written about Bullying. It brought goosebumps to the back of my neck and a lump to my throat. If you haven't stumbled across it yet where have you been do yourself a favour and spend the 8 minutes listening to their story and the song.

So my confession today is all about things I would say to students at my school if I really could....

For some of you this is as good as it may ever get. I can't tell you that everything is going to be ok and things will get better because they may not. These may very well be the best years of your life.

When you cry and ask me why people are being mean to you, I don't have the answer, sometimes people just suck and there's not a lot you can do about it.

STOP blaming everyone else... take ownership and responsibility for your actions!

STOP hurting each other - you are all fighting your own battles and I don't know why you insist on making each others lives so stinking miserable! You don't know what the person next to you is dealing with so shut ya mouth and get on with your own life, mind your own business.

For each one of you that enters my office looking for someone to listen to you, I am sure there are 10 of you who I haven't met yet feeling the same way. Promise me you will talk to someone.

I am sorry that you ended up with sucky parents who don't pay attention to you. The power to change your situation lies within you, should you choose to make the jump.

I know you probably don't know the answer but I really really want to shake you by the shoulders and ask you WHY???

The grass is NOT always greener on the other side and you don't have it all that bad so stop being a selfish little brat and appreciate what you have!

Sometimes there is nothing for me to say....and I sit there in silence and I just look at you and swallow the lump in my throat because I know what you might be going through, because I see myself in you, because I have no answers, because I know that nothing I can say will make any difference. 

When you think no-one cares about you, you are wrong, I care....that's why there are some nights that I can't go to sleep (and is also the reason I can't give up chocolate) because stories you have told me are on repeat in my head and I worry for you and about you.

If the truth be known, and in the spirit of confessing, I am exhausted, I feel physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted most of the time, I am not sure I can sustain the energy and the mental strength required to continue listening to you, that you deserve, that you need. I am not sure that this is the job for me.... 

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