Thursday 1 May 2014

for the challenge to end.

OH.  MY.  GOD...

I did it!! I wasn't sure I would but I did! I completed the A to Z April Challenge! A challenge where we had to post every day in April (except Sundays) using the corresponding letter of the alphabet.

There were times where it was tricky trying to come up with something, racking my brain trying to think of memories and events from my past, and my teaching career, that make me who I am today! (I have a shocking memory and often joke that I would take those tablets that help your memory if I could remember the name of them!)

If you missed any of the posts here they are for you:

A is for Aunty
B is for Boarding School
C is for Coke the Cat
D is for Dominic
E is for Evacuation
F is for Farm
G is for Gifts
H is for Holly's Hotties
I is for Infertility
J is for Jorja
K is for Kathy
L is for Lost
M is for Missing Child
N is for Normanton
O is for Overseas
P is for Poppy
Q is for Quiet Time
R is for Rottweiler
S is for Songs
T is for Townsville
U is for University
V is for Vicky
W is for Wobbly Bits
X is for Xtreme
Y is for Year 5
Z is for Zita

So if there is anything there that takes your fancy please feel free to stop by!
I am truly thankful for all those who have stopped by during this challenge and left a comment and for sticking with me. I know that I definitely have some catching up to do with replying to comments and reading blogs... I'll get to you I promise!

There are some other wonderful blogs who have joined me in this journey so please go and check them out as well.... Over Cups of Coffee, Pinky Poinker, Flood-Proof Mum and Big Girl Panties were some of the blogs I enjoyed reading during this challenge.

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What are you thankful for today?

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