Tuesday 25 March 2014

for another challenge!

As if my reading challenge wasn't enough (as well as my fitness bootcamp challenge and working full time), over the weekend I decided to sign up for a blogging challenge!!!

I stumbled across this one whilst catching up on my blog reading over at Over Cups of Coffee.... Psych Babbler is also joining the challenge.

So what is it and are you going to join me???

The Blogging From A-Z Challenge runs for the month of April, where you blog each day from the respective letter in the alphabet. What you blog about is up to you and some people find it easiest to have a theme. With some help from Psych Babbler I am blogging about...

I think it's kind of perfect...given that my blog is a bit of a random mix of ramblings about my life it seems to really fit. There was the suggestion that I also do stories from my teaching career so will weave that in as well.... I know what you are all thinking... "How awesome crazy is this woman?, she's always complaining about not having enough time!".. Well in response to that, I have now learnt how to schedule posts (Thanks Ms Mystery Case!) and I have 2 weeks off in April so SURELY I can get organised!

So...are you up for the challenge? I know Flood Proof Mum is also joining us...anyone else???

Linking up this IBOT with Essentially Jess of course!

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