Tuesday 11 February 2014

to review week 1 of Bootcamp!

Bit over a week down and I am loving it!!!

I knew it was going to come with challenges but so far I have beaten them. I thought training at night was going to be a struggle. We train from 6pm-7pm and that is usually when I am cooking dinner and getting ready to curl up on the couch and watch Home and Away. Once I am home after a loooong day of work it's a struggle to get me out again, but to be honest, I get home, get changed straight away and actually watch the clock waiting for it to be time to go because I am looking forward to it! Or in some cases I don't have time to even think about it, I run, quickly change and run out again!

It has only been a week but I am hopeful that I can maintain this early enthusiasm and momentum that has started! Our sessions are non-stop and always changing and always different so definitely no time to get bored. We do a fair bit of boxing which is fine, I love it, and the combinations we do make it an awesome all over body workout. Am already thinking of buying a set of gloves and pads for myself!

Friday night I set my alarm for 3:50am... We were due to meet at the base of Tabletop Mountain for a sunrise climb at 4:30am.
Me on a walk around Prince Henry Drive last year! That is Tabletop Mountain in the background

Sleeping in must have been playing on my mind because I had the worst nights sleep I've had in months, kept waking up and checking the clock...eventually gave in at 3:30am and got up, had a little bite to eat and watched a bit of the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony before heading off to meet the rest of the girls.

So there we were in the pitch dark climbing up this bloody rocky mountain with the only bit of light coming from a couple of iphone torches and for what.....

Well this....

The view from the top...

It was a little bit disappointing that there were so many clouds and the sunrise was hampered by them a bit so had to use a bit of Instagram filtering to make it look awesome! The view was amazing and we sat for quite a while just soaking it up, proud of our achievement!

Straight after that I had my PT session! I went home feeling amazing! What a fantastic way to start my weekend!

Our trainer has told us that she is not a big fan of scales and has actually told us to get rid of them. She believes the truth is in our measurements and our clothes and I do believe her but given that I am so used to weighing in after 2 rounds of 12wbt I haven't quite done that and like what the scales have to tell me.

And this week they told me that I was 1.2kg lighter than last week!! BOOM!

Am so pumped to see what the next week brings!

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  1. Congrats, Zita. I love all things exercise and find it so motivating for the rest of life. Good luck as you keep going :-)

  2. Great work! That view is amazing and a great reward for your effort.
    I run early in the morning. I lay my running gear out the night before and put it on as soon as I wake up. I'm out the door before I have time to talk myself out of it! I'm with your trainer - no scales! I know how I'm doing by the way my clothes fit.

  3. Glad you're enjoying it and seeing results already - hope it continues to go well! And ssshhh - don't tell anybody - but this exercise-allergic middle aged mama may just have picked up a skipping rope a few times in the last few days ... ;-)

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  4. I'm jealous, there's nothing nicer than a nice climb in nature early the morning to make you feel alive. I must organise a retreat for myself to do just that! YAY for 1.2kg already xx

  5. Awesome work! I used to love boxing when I was a regular at the gym. It made me feel pretty good and smacking the pads took out a lot of frustration too!