Monday 5 August 2013

to confess.... I'm in love!

Am linking up off topic with I must confess this week.... To be honest I don't do DIY so therefore can't claim any DIY disasters.... this week I want to confess my love to someone near and dear to me in the way of an open letter...

Dear Charlie,

I have been given the gift of being asked to play an important role in your life, at least that's what the card says that I received when I became your Godmother 12 months ago! Yesterday marked the anniversary of me officially becoming your Godmother but I knew I loved you and wanted to be a big part of your life long before that...

If the truth be told I knew about you very early in the piece (shhhh don't tell your dad though). Your Mum wanted you for such a long time and it took a little while for you to arrive but when you did we were all so so happy! I remember when your Mum phoned me and we were just chatting away as we usually do and I asked about the holiday they had been planning and she told me that they weren't going anymore and when I asked why she said that they had to save their money, and knowing that they were trying to have a baby I got suspicious, and I was right! For a few weeks I had to pretend I didn't know which was hard because I was so excited for your Mummy and Daddy!

I also remember the day that you were born, I was on holidays and had just arrived at the Gold Coast and I got a phone call from your Dad, he hardly ever calls me so I know that when he does it must be something important. I was ridiculously happy to hear of your birth and now with you being a little boy to go with your big sister, Katie, you were the perfect pair.
This is one of my all time favourite pics of us!

I was proud as punch when your Mum asked me to be your Godmother. Sometimes it feels a bit funny to say that though as I am not really sure how I feel about all this God business. On my card I was given by Father Michael on your Baptism Day it says that my job is to help your Mum and Dad help you to understand the meaning of living the message of Christ in your life. Now to be honest I am not sure how I'm going to go with that and if you do ever need guidance when if comes to the church or to God then perhaps you best ask Mum or even Nanna Charm. But if you ever need advice on school, girls, how to handle that big sister of yours, jobs or even which football team to follow (not the Cowboys or the Bulldogs! Go the Dragons) then I am here!
You and I on your Christening Day
With all your Godparents, you were well and truly over it and cracking it at this point!

 You're not quite 2 years old yet and I don't get to see you as much as I would like and in your early days you were always quite hesitant of me. You have always been a bit of a Mummy's boy and always want Mum to pick you up and carry you or snuggle with you and when I tried to nurse you, you would crack it! I used to complain to your Mum that you didn't love me! These last lot of holidays I came out for a few days and you had grown and changed so much. You are talking so much more and turning into a real little boy. You even let me pick you up and talk to me!
When I went to leave you sat on top of my bag, I like to think it was because you didn't want me to leave but think it was more because you thought you could ride it like a horse! Lol...

A few weeks ago your Mum sent me a message to tell me that you had started saying my name! That made me feel super special and then a few days later your Dad caught it on video and sent it to me and it totally made my day! Sometimes when I am feeling a little sad and sitting at home alone I watch the video and it brings a big big smile to my face! It makes me think that you must think about me from time to time!.

So Charlie Boy, here's to many many more years of friendship with your Mummy and Daddy and watching you grow into a handsome young man and me being the best Godmum I can be. Know that you are always loved and if there is EVER anything that I can do for you, you just ask!

Lots of love and big big hugs
Aunty Zita xox

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  1. Oh Zita, that nearly made me cry - that is just so special, for you and him! So nice for Charlie to have you in his life. My kids haven't got godparents, but they have aunties... and they are as awesome as you!
    Thanks for linking, you're awesome!
    Happy Monday gorgeous lady!
    Em x

  2. Zita - this is just beautiful! Charlie is very lucky to have you in his life & vice-versa I think! What a lovely message to give him. :)

  3. Gorgeous little boy and a gorgeous letter. Agree - you are both lucky to have each other. xo

  4. A beautiful letter. It looks like Charlie is very lucky to have a God Mother who cares about him so much.

  5. Love the pic of you and Charlie at his christening, and the one where he is "riding" your suitcase LOL! It's hard when you live away from your godchild - I have one in Christchurch NZ so it's hard to do much from Brisbane where I live; I've only met her three times and she's now 19! Thank goodness for Facebook :-)