Wednesday 7 August 2013

for some happy snaps....

Last weekend I called in to see my sister and her kidlets on my way to visit my parents... My nephews and I love to take some crazy selfies!

                                Smiles.......             Scared faces.......       Poking tongues.......

                                Cranky face.......        Cheesy grin.....         Scarey big eyes........

Love em to bits!

Joining up with other Wordless Wednesday blogs!

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  1. awww so fun! I got to see my nephew yesterday! He's only 5 months old but still makes some crazy faces! LOL! Love family time xo Aroha (visiting from WW!)

  2. They are some happy 'happy snaps' - very cute!

  3. Hahhaa love your cranky face! Gorgeous pics xx

  4. Lots of fun here! :)

  5. My sisters LOVE my kids also, we are very lucky to have people such as you in our lives. Crazy selfies, made me laugh x

  6. Too funny!!! Love playing "photo bombs" with my boys, funny the faces they come up with.
    Good to see what you all can pull off :)