Monday 20 May 2013

to confess my reality tv addiction

This weeks confession with Kirsty from My Home Truths was

Are you into reality TV shows? Be truthful – are you a talent, renovation, lifestyle or cooking tragic?

Now I am not sure that I am really that addicted or that I am a tragic but I do tend to get a little sucked in. I tend to be more of a drama series addict... (this will come as no surprise to some people!)
Grey's Anatomy
Hart of Dixie
Criminal Minds
Packed to the Rafters
A Place to Call Home
House Husbands
Winners and Losers
Home and Away
Sons of Anarchy
Downton Abbey
Private Practice

are among the many shows that I have spent hours and hours of my life watching and analysing and discussing with friends as if they were reality!! Lol...

When it does come to the reality tv shows I am more of a results watcher.... I quite enjoy The Block but during the week it clashes with H&A and I don't really like watching all the drama and fighting and carrying on, I prefer to watch the Sunday night episode and see how the room turned out. When it comes to shows with auditions like Australia's Got Talent or Australian Idol I much preferred to wait until all the cr@p has been weeded out and wait until the get to the top 10 or top 5 and then start watching. That did however all change with The Voice, I really enjoy watching the blind auditions because with those you know (well at least they strongly make us believe) that it is based on their talent and not their appearance. When I heard the news that this year Keith Urban was going to be replaced by Ricky Martin I did swear I was going to boycott the show but it has still managed to suck me in!!

Some reality TV shows turn me off just from watching the ads! I know that they deliberately choose couples of people for these shows that will make headlines and cause contraversy but in some cases that has been exactly the reason why I haven't watched!!

So given a choice I probably wouldn't chose a reality tv show over one of my many other tv obsessions!

What's your tv obsession...?


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  1. I love some of your drama choices too - how good is Arrow? ;)