Thursday 21 February 2013

to give thanks

This week I didn't think I was going to link up with Leigh for a Thankful Thursday post but after the morning I had I think I must!

I woke up bleary eyed, rolled over and fumbled around the bedside table for my phone to check the time... 4:35am....doh! The alarm was set for 5:10am to be at my pump class at 5:30 so I was a bit annoyed as I could have gotten a bit more sleep. So anyway I decided it best to not fall back asleep and started to wake myself up properly..... and that's when I started hearing the strange noises. I coud of swore I could hear someone in my unit. I live alone in a townhouse and swore someone was downstairs, the noises were so loud and I was starting to freak out.

I tiptoed to the bathroom and tried to peek outside but it was still so dark I couldn't see anything. All manner of scary thoughts were going through my head.... what are they going to do to me?...maybe they are just going to rob me and go?... I can't afford a new TV?.... How long would it be before someone noticed I was missing?.... Maybe it's the roof guy coming to fix the roof? (oh seriously Zita it's 5am, why on earth would he be here now!)

So I had 000 ready to go on the phone and grabbed the first thing I could that I thought might do some damage (the airfreshner from the toilet! lol.. at least they'll smell pretty!) and crept down the stairs to........nothing!

So I have no idea what the noises were perhaps possums, perhaps the neighbour, I don't know but I am SO thankful that it was not what I thought it was....


  1. Far out! How scary. Im so glad it was nothing. Very harsh start to your day. Im glad you linked up! Thanks, Leigh xxx

  2. So glad it wasn't anything sinister !!! I bet that got your heart racing better than the pump class.
    Have the best weekend !