Thursday 7 February 2013

to give thanks

Today I am linking up with Leigh from Six By The Bay for Thankful Thursday..

I have been wondering lately whether I am in the right career. As you may know I am a teacher and have just returned back to the classroom after a 3 year break doing a specialist role. Well, being back in the classroom has well and truly smacked me in the face! So much to do in so little time!

Anyway this post is what I am thankful for so I guess I am thankful for the opportunity of a good education for it has allowed me to be in a profession that creates all other professions. I am thankful to my parents who allowed it to happen. 

I am thankful to co-workers new and old who have supported me in my 12 years of teaching, but especially the ones who are helping me at the moment while I struggle and feel like a beginning teacher all over again!

It is so easy for us to get caught up in all the things we don't have or that are going wrong in our lives but I guess we really should take the time to be thankful for what we do have.


  1. I'm also a qualified teacher, but after just 3 months in the classroom I knew it wasn't for me. I'm thankful I was brave enough to do something about it, and that my teaching qualification has opened many career doors for me since!

    1. Oh really! What other careers have you done since teaching? Am curious to know!

  2. It must have a very hard gig being a teacher - I know I could definitely not do it. I also have amazing parents that inspired me to get a uni education and open up my life to so many more possibilities! I hope your first few weeks get easier - Emily :) via - Leigh's Thankful Thursday

  3. I could never be a teacher... and I bow down to those who are! You are amazing. Just saying! :)

  4. I look up to teachers so much. I think what you guys do is amazing!

  5. You deserve a medal being a teacher! Its one of the most important jobs in the world and would take such a special person to do it well. Good luck for the coming year! Thanks for linking up, hope to see you next week xx

  6. I think teaching is a very admirable occupation! As a mum, I know first hand how important good teachers are. I think teachers can often be under-rated and definately under-paid. It is SUCH an important job. I think it's great that it allows you to explore other options though. Good luck to you whatever you choose to do! :-)

  7. Zita I hear you! I'm a teacher myself and the days I spend in a classroom are GO, GO ,GO!! As a teacher I'm thankful for weekends and holidays - We really need the down time! I too am searching for other alternatives but I also happen to love being a teacher :)

    Sophie xo

  8. Hi Zita - thanks for stopping by my blog. You are right - sometimes it is hard to be thankful when we look/concentrate on the things we don't have. I have started my daily gratitude journal so that each day I have to sit down and find things to be grateful for - because there are always things to be grateful for - sometimes we just have to look a little harder.
    Have the best weekend !