Monday 11 January 2016

Goals and plans for 2016

So... Here we are... 2016... Another year is upon us... 366 blank pages ahead of us to fill with memories, hopes and dreams (well technically a few less now but this sounds better).

So what has it got in store for me, or what have I got in store for it.... read on to find out.

Usually at this time of year I am in the grip of holiday catch up mode, in complete denial about school returning and my endless summer days coming to a screeching halt, whilst perusing glorious stationary and deciding what colour diary I should go with. 

Not this year... I must confess this year, at this very moment, I have literally no idea what I am doing in 2016.

I have no set plans. I have no set job. I am living each day quite unsure of what I am doing today, let alone tomorrow. 

I was offered a job, pretty much the same job I was doing before I took the year off to travel. It was a good job. The money is good, the holidays are good, the conditions were possibly going to be better than I had before. But every time I considered accepting the job my stomach would drop a little and I would feel like crying. I knew I couldn't accept, I knew I couldn't go back, I knew all the reasons I needed to leave in the first place were all still there and so I declined. 

I have one egg and one basket at the moment and while that is a little nerve wracking it is also a little exciting. I have applied for a job that I have now realised is a dream of mine. I've always wondered what people were talking about when they said they were 'meant to do something' and now I think I've had that feeling. I head to Melbourne on the weekend for the interview and should know by this time next week if I am the successful application. Whilst I don't want to go into all the details yet, let's just say that I feel this job is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It will quite literally change my life and whilst I have briefly thought of a plan b, it's not something I am giving much energy to as I really hope my plan a comes to fruition.

So at the moment while I am a little footloose and fancy free it is making making plans difficult. It's been a little difficult to make a start to 2016 in some aspects of my life. There are events I would like to attend, tickets I would like to buy, a fitness challenge I'd love to sign up for... but all of this is dependent on this job as it will change everything.

I am not one for New Years resolutions. I believe that if there is something that you want to achieve then you should make that change at any time. But a new year is a time to reflect and refocus. I received the Lorna Jane diary for Christmas and love that at the beginning of each month it encourages you to set your monthly goals in areas of work, lifestyle, relationships and health and wellness. This sits right with and suits me much better. 

So while I might say I have no idea what I am doing, that is only in one part of my life. I do have other goals for my year. I still have some excess baggage I need to rid myself of and have been putting a fair amount of effort into that and making some good progress....but could be better. 

I am not sure yet about my goals for the blog. I flick between not really caring and thinking that no-one would miss me if I was gone, to wanting to make a good crack at it. In this over saturated market though I know it would require a lot of work and I know that my blog requires a lot of work. I know, deep down, that I need to make the move over to wordpress if I am serious about blogging but to be honest, that thought scares me a little. I know it's a lot more technical and complex and that I could not do it on my own and that I am not in a position to pay anyone. I wish I was tech savvy sometimes and confident that I could make it work without losing everything. 

In the meantime though my goal is to just blog more on a regular basis and continue to just tell me stories and try and be more organised. I feel this will come when I can get some routine back in my life. A short term goal is to continue to grow my Facebook page and Instagram following. If you are not already a fan...WHY NOT??? I'd love it if you would join me. I promise I follow back and don't post heaps on annoying stuff!!! 

What are your goals / plans for 2016?
Give me your hot tips to help me nail my interview on the weekend?

Let me know in the comments below

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